work in progress | fevereiro 2019 - presente
Instalação/ performance criada por Sara Ferreira e Rina Marques (bailarina). As imagens aqui apresentadas são fragmentos da instalação.​
Overhead é uma viagem aos recantos da mente. É um não-lugar e um não-tempo.​
"Arousing from the most profound of slumbers, we break the gossamer web of some dream. Yet in a second afterwards (so frail may that web have been) we remember not that we have dreamed. In the return to life from the swoon there are two stages; first, that of the sense of mental or spiritual; secondly, that of the sense of physical existence. It seems probable that if, upon reaching the second stage, we could recall the impressions of the first, we should find these impressions eloquent in memories of the gulf beyond. And that gulf is, what?" (The Pit and the Pendulum, by Edgar Allan Poe).

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